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Autobuff Powered by Ceramic Pro answers a few questions:

What are other suggestions on keeping a vehicle looking new forever?

Rustproofing/ Oil spray: Of course, because we live in Northern Ontario, salt gets overused on our roads. All that salt sits not only on your paint, but on the underbody of your car on your frame and wheel wells. We offer Dura-Shield undercoating, with it’s no drip properties, it leaves your driveway clean and your vehicle protected against rust and corrosion. But if you already have a rustproofing favorite around town, that’s ok, as long as your protecting your investment, we are quite happy!

PPF: Paint Protection Film is a clear film applied to areas more likely affected by rock chips. Ceramic Pro does not protect against rock chips, so we always suggest to apply a Paint Protection Film prior to Ceramic Pro or GTechniq application. Please do your research before picking a PPF applicator in Sudbury, not every product is equivalent either.

After Market Accessories: Bug deflectors; Rain visors; Mud flaps; and so much more can help with your vehicles aging. We offer these accessories at great prices. Even if you don’t buy thru us and need advice on which items will provide the best protection, we are here to answer any questions you may have about accessories.

Consumers are being made aware of environmental and chemical damages on vehicles and are trying to protect their investment. Vehicles are now rusting and corroding a lot quicker than in the past. With higher UV rays and more aggressive road salt, your vehicle gets attacked from every angle.

Autobuff Powered by Ceramic Pro is here to offer complete car protection from the top to the bottom. While rustproofing is still an effective way to protect your frame and bottom of the vehicle panels from rust and corrosion and wax and sealants will always be good options for paint protection, Ceramic Pro coatings deliverers the impossible. With Ceramic Pro, we’ve teamed up to bring you longer than ever lasting vehicles!

Ceramic Pro not only protects your paint from environmental and chemical damages but it also creates and keeps your vehicle extremely glossy as if it were freshly waxed every time you washed it.

The Nano particles form a permanent barrier that can only be removed by abrasion. This means you no longer have to wax your vehicle 2-3 times a year to keep your paint from fading and protect it against the elements.

So how does it work?

Once cured, Ceramic Pro and GTecniq acts as a sacrificial layer to protect and preserve the original factory paint and clear coat.

Ceramic Pro and GTechniq has a hardness above 9H. To put this into perspective: Clearcoats have a hardness between 2H to 4H. Making the Ceramic Pro and GTechniq coating over twice as hard as your original paint.

The Nano particles in the ceramic coating fill the smallest pores in the paint creating a glass shield, leaving your paint always looking glossy and feeling slick. This means contaminants can easily be rinsed off since it is so hydrophobic. Maintenance is a lot easier and your vehicle will remain glossy thru the years without re-application.

What surfaces does ceramic coating protect?

We have a variety of Ceramic Pro products that each have an individual purpose.

We coat: your Paint, PPF, Plastic Moldings (some exceptions), Windows, Rims and Exhaust (if it is in good condition). Extra’s can be added as well including: door jambs; back racks, etc.…

When to apply ceramic coating?

We can apply Ceramic Pro or GTechniq to any aged vehicle. Whether it be your ’69 Mustang or your brand-new Camry, we can protect any vehicle.  If the vehicle is showing age with a few scratches, we offer cutting and polishing of the paint in order to deliver a brand-new car feeling.  The best answer we can give is: The sooner the better! Once it is on, you will wonder how you’ve ever done without it!

Does Ceramic Pro or GTechniq need a yearly top?

There is no need for yearly top ups. Ceramic Pro and GTechniq come with warranty to back up their product and will last the full term. We do however need to see your vehicle once a year for an exterior wash to preform an inspection. At that point you can choose to get a vehicle Decontamination.

What is a vehicle Decontamination?

A “Decon” as we call it, is a process of applying ceramic approved chemicals on your paint in order to remove any contaminants sitting on the ceramic coating. The contaminants can include brake dust, road tar, tree sap, etc…This process ensures that your coating is always working at it’s best. You can also choose to do the “Decon” yourself at home! A “Decon” is an important part of Ceramic Coating maintenance, especially if you drive your vehicle year round.

What are the cost of applying Ceramic Pro or GTechniq?

Cost can vary between $349 to $2,199 plus HST.  Ideally, to give a proper quote, we need to see the clean vehicle in person. Otherwise, over the phone we can give a rough estimate with the Year, Make, Model, Trim and Colour of the vehicle.

Our most common packages are from $899 to $1,599 plus HST and that is the 5 Year protection.

For 9 Year protection, which is growing in popularity, the price can vary between: $1,499 to $2,399 plus HST.

To put the price in perspective: 1 wax cost approximately $170 plus HST (average medium sized S.U.V). If you were to wax your vehicle at least twice a year it would be $340/Year. 5 Years X $340/year is $1,700 plus HST. Making it well worth it for the Ceramic Pro 5 Year Protection (average $1,250) just for the waxing cost alone.

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